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What We’re Reading…. GOLDMAN: The horror and the pita

April 30, 2012

Reading the latest article (May 1, 2012) on Egypt by the ever thoughtful David P. Goldman, “The Horror and the Pita,” we were not surprised by his conclusion that without decisive American action Egypt’s collapse would spill over and not just destabilize the immediate area and threaten Israel but countries further afield as well.

Writing under his Asia Times pen name, Spengler, Goldman noted that, “The Arab monarchies fear that the ascent of the Muslim Brotherhood to power in Egypt by revolutionary means portends a further revolutionary assault on their own regimes. And the result of American failure to take decisive action to interdict the Brotherhood’s march to power is likely to be greater instability and a decline of American influence in the region.”

We concluded much the same in our JINSA Report #1131 of April 18, “Time to Condition Aid to Egypt.” In it, we wrote, “U.S. assistance is possibly the only lifeline to avoid a complete breakdown left to Egypt. The stakes are too high to justify inaction…. If Egypt fails to get on the path to progress, its current decline will not only continue, but also accelerate. And in decline, Egypt will be unstable and dangerous which will have the gravest of consequences for U.S. interests.”

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