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Meet the Latino-Jewish Alliance Trip Participants

March 27, 2012

JINSA’s Latino-Jewish Alliance Trip to Israel has just returned! This important JINSA program builds upon the common interest of the Latino community and the Jewish community in areas that are critical for the future of the United States. It is about engagement on wide range of U.S. national security topics from the Middle East to our national borders.

This year’s impressive participants are listed below:

John and Pat Lopez, currently residing in Oklahoma, owned and operated Lopez Foods (which continues to supply beef, chicken and pork products for McDonalds).

Jacob Monty, the coordinator of this group of Latino leaders in Israel, is an attorney by trade working primarily with immigration and labor law.  He is also a trustee of the University System in Texas and serves on the Board of JINSA.  Mrs. Adelina Monty, who is accompanying Jacob on this trip to Israel, is a dentist practicing in Texas.

Ike Monty a builder by trade back in Texas, also sits on the JINSA Board and came on this JINSA trip last year. He enjoyed the trip so much in fact that he brought his wife Nancy Monty with him this year.

Hector Longoria is an attorney in Houston doing litigation work.

Javier and Lucinda Loya also hail from Texas and while Javier deals with securities and Lucinda works as an interior designer.

Back at home in Houston, Janiece Longoria is an attorney by occupation. She also works as a Port Commissioner at the Houston Port Authority (one of the largest ports in the U.S.) and sits on the board of Center Point Energy.  Steve Lasher works with mergers and acquisitions as well as finance in many different industries including energy, banking and automobile.

Rebecca Keenan is a nondenominational pastor at a congregation in Texas. Also the founder of the One with Israel foundation whose mission is to bridge Jewish and Christian communities and foster interfaith support and respect.

Massey Villareal is the CEO of PTG, Precision Task Group, based in Houston, which implements large scale technology and workplace management solutions. Massey coincidentally worked with the Israeli tech company NICE.

Jose Maella lives in Miami and does private consulting when he is not assisting with the campaigns for U.S. political candidates. Most recently he worked for the Newt Gingrich campaign in Florida.  He has also spent time working in the State Department.

Jesse Chaluh is the owner of two restaurants in Houston. He also coaches new franchise owners on how to increase successful operations and assists in the event planning and coordination of grand openings around the country.

Eduardo and Margarita Escudero are visiting Israel from Texas. Ed is president and chief executive officer of Sierra Finance and vice president and chief
financial officer of C&R Distributing.  He also serves on several Boards including the El Paso Water Utilities Public Service Board.

Richard Vargas is an Associate Dean at USC who spearheads the fund raising sector of the University.

Rolando Pablos is a Public Utilities Commissioner overseeing the fair distribution of electricity throughout the state of Texas. He is also in charge of the continued focus on innovating alternative energies.

Raphael and Elvira Ortega, also from Texas, are owners of a supermarket chain in Houston.

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